Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day

As I have mentioned in the past, my girlz are HUGE American Girl fans. In fact, our homeschool curriculum is based on the American Girl books. For the last few years, they've had the Our Generation dolls from Target that look very similar to American Girl dolls but cost much less. I thought we'd start off with those and see how they did before we broke down and purchased the real AG dolls. They've been saving up for about a year now and finally had enough to buy one. I'm very proud of them for working so hard and saving their money.

So, we made the drive to Dallas yesterday to let them buy their dolls. Here's a pic of them sleeping the night before. They were so excited about going I'm surprised they even fell asleep!

They are going to kill me for putting those on but I love pictures of kids sleeping! ;-)

"M" crocheted cute little skirts, hats and scarves with matching ones for their new dolls for their big day. They turned out so super cute! The girlz had never seen a big city like Dallas so that was fun for them, too. They loved all the tall buildings and malls were everywhere.

The AG store in Dallas is at the Galleria so we went to purchase their dolls first then we went to the Galleria to look around - new dolls in tow, of course! Steve and I used to live in the Dallas area before we had the girls so it brought back fun memories of going to the Galleria for date nights. We then went back to the AG store for a late lunch. Steve was such a good sport - he was surrounded by pink, dolls and girls all day but he suffered through it like a champ! He joked that the portions of our lunch were "doll sized", too but he was still a trooper! ;-)

After we were done at the AG shop and the Galleria, we thought we'd show the girls the area where we used to live. This is the park we used to go running at all the time...

Spent many, many hours there! And this is the apartments we used to live at...

The girls enjoyed seeing a part of our past lives and it was fun to see how much Las Colinas has changed since we had been there last. It's probably a good thing they didn't have as many stores back then as they do now as we would have been broke!

Ha! I just found these pictures of me when I taught school at Grapevine Elementary...

Yes, another example of me and my many hairdos! ;-)

Such a fun day - we'll have to go back soon!


6 Happy Hearts said...

Love the post! I am sure the girls are LOVING their dolls. Jgirl just got her first MG Doll so we will see?! I like the idea of saving for it.
Great pics of D & your history. Tell Steve he's a good daddy. Jas is not so thrilled about AG in his future :)

Apartment for Rent in the Philippines said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and also the dolls.. LOL.. You also have a lovely hairdo!