Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girl's Club - May 2010

The sewing project...

The snack project...

The craft project...

The friends...

Field Trip to Blue Bell

Our homeschool co-op took a field trip to the Blue Bell Creamery in Broken Arrow today. They don't allow photography during the tour but we were able to take pictures afterwards when we were treated to ice cream! Here's a few pics of our cute kids ;-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Driller's Game - May 24, 2010

Service Project at the Baptist Village Retirement Center

Some families from our homeschool co-op went to the Baptist Village Retirement Center today for a service project. We had such a great time visiting with the residents, playing games and flying kites! We look forward to going back again soon!

Fun Weekend With Friends

This past Saturday, we had a garage sale with two other friends and was able to get rid of a lot of stuff. It was kind of a sad day for me because the girlz have decided they want their own bedrooms so that means we have to say good-bye to our dance room :-(  This means we also have to say good-bye to their dress-up clothes. Apparently, the girlz have grown before my eyes and are no longer interested in dress-up. Sad, sad day for me.

Farewell dance room. You will be no more in a few weeks. Excuse me while I grab a tissue...

So anyway, we sold a lot of the dress-up clothes at the sale along with lots of other things that they have grown out of - like all of our Barbie videos! Again - sad day for mom. The girls had so much fun selling lemonade and baked goods at the sale, too. All the money they raised was donated to Project Hope Worldwide which helps orphans and widows in need. I was so proud that they wanted to put their money to a worthy cause.

The girls also took a fun crochet class at Classroom Corner - one of our favorite stores in Owasso. "A's" beginner class made cute crocheted bracelets and bookmarks and "M's" more advanced class made dish towels. I'm so glad they have an interest in crocheting and I always love to see what they will create next!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Track and Field Day

Our homeschool Co-Op just had our Track & Field Day yesterday. We had so much fun, even though it got rained out and we had to move it inside. Miss Nicole did an AwEsOmE job planning the events and we had lots of moms volunteer to man each race. Ribbons and coupons to Red Robin and Chick-fil-A were passed out when it was over. Can't wait to do this again next year - hopefully outside ;-)

(Many of these photos were taken by Tanya H. -
thank you, Tanya!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

"A's" Last Soccer Game

"A" just finished up her soccer season playing with SWAT (Soccer With Attitude). She had a great time playing this past spring and loves her teammates and coach. Here's a few pics that were taken after her last game...

Mother's Day 2010

I had a very sweet Mother's Day this year. We went to church and the girlz surprised me with a video they had made for Mother's Day...

It was so sweet - just wish I had a better copy!

Then we went to Steve's parent's house for a delicious lunch and to celebrate with his side of the family...

After some R & R, we went to see my mother then spent a relaxing night at home where the girlz gave me a foot massage and made me hot apple cider. :-)

And here's a little article the girlz were in one day last week in the Owasso Reporter...

 I love my girlz so much and am so blessed to be their mother.

DBF Girl's Choir

"M" and the DBF Girl's Choir sang in church Sunday. I love to hear their sweet voices ;-)

Fun at the Owasso Skate Park!

Tulsa Homeschool Convention 2010

This time every year, I like to attend a homeschool convention to purchase a lot of the curriculum we'll use for school next year. In the past, I've gone to Wichita and OKC but this year, they actually offered a convention in Tulsa. It was really good - especially for being the first year. They had lots of volunteers sign up to help out and have committed to having it here for at least the next two years.

One fun thing they offer is an Art & Photo Contest for kids ages 5 to 18. My girlz painted a canvas and entered them in the contest - they kinda take after their momma and like to paint, too ;-)

Sometimes they like to paint themselves...

The final masterpieces...

One of the girl's best buddies, Emily, created 3D art of a beaver family out of clay and things she found outside. She was inspired by a real beaver family that is building a dam in a pond right behind her house! It turned out so cute and she won 2nd prize for her age group!

We also have another friend, Jillian, who created this amazing piece out of clay! She won 1st place for her age group, of course ;-)

Here's the girl's artwork on display at the contest...

The convention also featured several guest speakers including Todd Wilson of Family Man Ministries (very humorous, yet encouraging) and Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (very informative and thought provoking).

Lots of great vendors were at the convention selling anything you can imagine that has to do with homeschooling. One of our favorite booths was our friend Arthur Thompson who uses drumming to teach kids math and music.

We had a great time and look forward to attending again next year!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"M's" Last Soccer Game

"M" had her last soccer game yesterday. This was her first season ever to play and she had a blast! You can see it on her face when she's on the field. She has the biggest grin ever  and is constantly chasing the ball. I heard one dad from the opposing team say, "Wow! That green #12 is fast! Look at her go! She takes two strides and she's already up the field!" Of course, I had to say, "That's my girl!" although she doesn't get her quickness from her momma. She has her daddy to thank for that :-)


My Baby Is Turning 8!

 We celebrated "A's" 8th birthday last night at the Olive Garden. We had a fun time eating pizza and embarrassing her when the wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" ;-)

This morning, "M" woke up bright and early to decorate the house for "A's" birthday and to fix her breakfast in bed. We made pancakes with chocolate chips and of course, made two special ones for the birthday girl with a letter "A" and a number "8". She had fun opening presents from our family and relatives from out of town. She also enjoyed getting birthday calls from friends - didn't care so much for the birthday wishes from Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us. I suppose I need to take her name off that calling list ;-)

In honor of "A's" birthday, I put together a couple of slide
shows of pics from birth to today for her.

I love you sweet "A". You'll always be my baby and I look
forward to watching you grow up and become the young
lady God wants you to be.

Welcome to Fashion Boutique!

"A" received a cute little salon chair for her dolls for her birthday today so the girlz had fun playing "Fashion Boutique" all day. Their dolls had quite a little set up - it was pretty cute. Here's a few pics and a "commercial" from their fun...

As the girlz were playing, I did hear "A" tell "M", "You know, it IS more important what you look like on the inside than on the out." That's my girlz ;-)