Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Baby Is Turning 8!

 We celebrated "A's" 8th birthday last night at the Olive Garden. We had a fun time eating pizza and embarrassing her when the wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" ;-)

This morning, "M" woke up bright and early to decorate the house for "A's" birthday and to fix her breakfast in bed. We made pancakes with chocolate chips and of course, made two special ones for the birthday girl with a letter "A" and a number "8". She had fun opening presents from our family and relatives from out of town. She also enjoyed getting birthday calls from friends - didn't care so much for the birthday wishes from Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us. I suppose I need to take her name off that calling list ;-)

In honor of "A's" birthday, I put together a couple of slide
shows of pics from birth to today for her.

I love you sweet "A". You'll always be my baby and I look
forward to watching you grow up and become the young
lady God wants you to be.

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