Saturday, October 9, 2010

These Tri Kids Rocked!

As mentioned in a previous posting, the girlz have been training for the Kid's Triathlon at the Owasso YMCA for the last month or two. Well, it was held this weekend. We attended an informational meeting last night and the girlz got to pick up their runner's packets. They were so excited as this was their first race and first triathlon. Afterwards, we went to Orange Leaf to celebrate the girlz and their friends training so hard & to load up on good carbs the night before - which we all know is so important before a big race ;-)

I was really impressed by how well the tri was run. Everything was very organized, the kids were safe and knew what was expected of them, and they had a ton of volunteers that helped make the event a great success. I was especially proud of all the kids for trying so hard and not one child gave up - everyone finished the course! There were a lot of proud parents, grandparents and friends cheering the kids on. It was just such a neat experience.

And when it was over, they had an awards assembly where all the kids were given a medal for participation and a door prize. Small trophies were also given to the top 3 boys and girls within each age group. I loved how all the kids were considered winners and were given something to take home. The girlz are already talking about doing it again next year. They had such a great time and loved the experience of it all!

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Leslie said...

That is so cool! Congrats, girlz!!! Caleb would love something like that. I'll have to pay more attention next time and get him signed up.