Monday, December 21, 2009

3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts

Our church had it's "3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts" last night which is a talent show made up of people within our community. It was amazing to me how much talent there is out there! I wish I could have taped everyone, but I didn't have enough space on my camera! Here's a few clips and photos from the night...

Our Worship Leader, Kelley Compton, was the emcee of the evening. She put in LOTS of hard work and many, many hours for the evening to be a great success. She did an amazing job!

Dan Gibson is a very talented artist who painted canvasses off to the side throughout the night while the performances were going on. He does great work!

There's "M" in the black, red and white floral dress :-)

After the show, cookies, lemonade and hot chocolate were served. Anytime food is served, that's "A's" favorite part of the show! We had a great time and look forward to the show next year!

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