Sunday, November 8, 2009

"M's" Baptism

Our almost 10 year-old daughter was baptized this morning ;-)

We pray that God will continue to grow her spiritually and use her in big ways!

My Testimony
By "M"

I asked Jesus into my heart when I was five years old and I have been praying and reading my Bible ever since. Lately I have been reading a devotional called "
The Case For Christ" and another book called "The Case For Faith". They are both written by Lee Strobel. I like these books because they answer a lot of my questions about God. Now I want to be baptized to show everyone God is the center of my life and my forever friend.

She was introduced on stage along with the other being baptized and those who were joining our church as new members

Mackenzie was baptized along with her friend, Abbey

So sad this pic didn't turn out better!

After her baptism, we had our family over for lunch & Mackenzie was given a few baptism gifts. She received cards from friends and family, a devotional, a Bible and a cross necklace.

Family pic

Cousin Emily

Cousin Emily & Poppy

Mackenzie & Nanny

Cousin Emily & Nanny
Baptism Prayer
© By M.S.Lowndes

You’re taking this step of faith
In obedience to the Lord
To be baptized in His precious name
And heed the Master’s call

To rise up with faith in God
And go where He may lead
To share God’s love to everyone
And touch them in their need

May God pour out His blessings
Upon your life today
So you may walk in His abundance
As you commit to Him your way

Keep on trusting in the Lord
No matter what you face
And keep your eyes on Jesus Christ
And live in His sweet grace.

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lisa said...

Christy, what a wonderful day in a parent's life, too. So happy for Mackenzie that she is growing closer and closer to Jesus. You guys are such a neat family!