Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Crafty Girlz

I have very crafty girlz that love to create new things all the time!
"M" learned how to crochet last year at Girls Club and has also taken a few classes at Classroom Corner.
This is a picture of a cap she knitted for my 4th nephew who will be born later this month. She came up with the pattern on her own & I think she did a fabulous job!!!

My grandmother used to knit baby's caps for newborns at Norman Regional Hospital when she was alive. She made so many they probably numbered into the thousands! When we told "M" that, she got really excited and said that maybe she could do it, too! What a sweet legacy my grandmother left and now "M" wants to follow it, too ;-)

"A" says that one of her talents is creating things out of clay.

This is a pink elephant she made for Steve. She now sits on his desk at his work ;-)

And she made this for me to remind me how old I am. Thanks, I think ;-)

"A" loves to make necklaces with beads. Here's one she recently made for my mother ;-)
A few nights ago, "M" taught "A" how to crochet (after weeks and weeks of begging!). "A" really picked it up quickly and now they love to sit around and gab and crochet together. I think it's so sweet ;-)


Melanie said...

It's so sweet that they crochet together. I really should teach Anna Claire.

Love the cushions on your swing!

heidi said...

okay...totally off topic. LOL where did you find your swing cushions?

my daughter loves crocheting...great quiet time retreat.