Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tea Anyone?

"M" took a crochet class last weekend that was for girls 3rd grade and up - so "A" wasn't able to go. Poor girl - she's so lost without her big sis around! So she asked Steve & I if we wanted to have a tea party. Of course, we said "yes" & she said, "Great! I'll go pick out your clothes!" She quickly ran to our closet & picked out "lovely" outfits for us to wear to the big event. She then fixed my hair and make-up and let me tell you, I was looking "good"! Sorry - no pics of Steve & me but you can just imagine how "gorgeous" we looked ;-)

Then she escorted us to the kitchen where she had set the table all by herself - complete with cheez-its, goldfish crackers, nuts, Cheese Nips, M & M's, apples, water and cell phones. I said, " 'A', why do we have cell phones at our tea party?" She said in case someone called, we wouldn't have to get up from our seats and disturb the party. She then proceeded to open in prayer then served us "delicious" treats. It was a very fun party and I'm so glad I was invited ;-)


Dawn said...

I really NEED to get Courtney in that crochet class!

What a sweet party she prepared for her parents!

Keri said...

What a fun tea party! I want to learn to crochet. Know of any classes for mommies?!

mommyof3andlovin'it said...

Hey Girl! I never see or hear from you anymore! We need to get the girls (and us) together soon!
Looks like a fun day for you, Steve, and "A"