Saturday, November 1, 2008

Food fight!!!

The girls just got back from the most crazy, but fun, birthday party ever! I am still laughing about it! The girl's friend, Abby, had a party with a "food" theme so of course, all the games they played centered around food. One of the first things they did was cover their faces with whipped cream and icing. (Somehow "A's" ended up all in her hair - not sure how that happened.) Then they threw marshmellows at each other's faces. After that, they played an assortment of games including an egg toss, balance an egg on a spoon game and pass the spaghetti game.

And the big finale was a food fight (see the video below). It was CRAZY but the kids loved it and had a blast! Abby's parents are much more brave than I.


Leslie said...

Those are some cool parents!!

Christy said...

What a great idea! That would be an awesome boy party sometime as well.

MelissaC said...

Sounds like a neat idea but I sure wouldn't want to clean up everything and everyone afterwards!

Dawn said...

Too fun! LOL I'm with you all... I wouldn't want the mess to clean up!