Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday's Meme

5 Things I Want My Kids To Know Before They Grow Up...

1. I want them to know Jesus in a personal way and to love, fear and respect Him.

2. I want them to know I love them unconditionally - no matter what.

3. I want them to know I love their daddy unconditionally - no matter what.

4. I want them to know the importance of serving others.

5. I want them to know our door is always open.

"When you are happy, the door is open:
we are here to congratulate you on your success.
When you are sad, the door is open:
we are here to comfort you in your disappointment.
When you are lonely, the door is open:
we are here to keep you company.
When you are scared, the door is open:
we are here to spread our wings and shelter you.
When you feel you have failed, the door is open:
we are here to remind you of your great achievements.
When you are hungry, the door is open:
we are here to offer you the food on our table.
When you are in trouble, remember, the door is always open.
When you feel lost, we are here.
Come. No need to knock.
We’ll give you a compass to find your way."
- Ronit Baras

5 Things I Want To Tell My Kids When They Are Grown Up...

1. It's through brokeness that God builds our character.

2. May everything you do and say be pleasing to God.

3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

4. Love knows no selfishness.

5. Forgive others so God will forgive you.

"May you forgive as you've been forgiven.
May you give to others what's been given to you.
May you set someone free and find out that it was you -
and may you do it today,
because you might not have the chance tomorrow."

~ Rob Bell, Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church located in Grandville, Michigan


Bambi (My Stage Name) said...

Those are great.

nic said...

I love your lists here. Such great words for your kids.

I'm glad to know your early baby is healthy. I guess they just catch up quickly to others...but they seem so tiny at the beginning!

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I have added you to my friend's list! :)