Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our favorite sites to listen to...

I love to listen to music & just thought I'd pass along a few sites I enjoy listening to...

Radio Grace - Home School Internet Radio Station programmed by homeschool students and their parents. Choose from Rock, Gospel, Contemporary or Praise & Worship.

Air 1 - Contemporary, Rock & Hip-Hop Christian music

Got Radio - many different genres to listen to

Pandora Radio - Thank you, Leslie, for turning me onto this one! It's so cool! You type in the name of a group you like to listen to & they create a station for you of music similar to the one you typed in. Love it!!!

Some of the girls favorite sites (these include music & stories) to listen to are...

Kiddie Records Weekly

You Need a Story

We Kids

Storyline Online

Adventures in Odyssey

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Leslie said...

COOL! I will check these out. Have you tried I love that one!