Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's up with Oprah?!?!

Excuse my soapbox, but...

I personally used to love Oprah. Her shows are interesting & try to steer clear of being a "trashy" talk show - unlike other shows like Jerry Springer and Montel. They can be fun, informative & I especially enjoy the ones that involve decorating, of course! Granted, she has done a lot of good with her money - she has helped feed the poor, built new schools for children who otherwise would not be formally educated and has contributed funds to an endless number of charities. But as my husband says, "she spiritually misguides folks into thinking that if you do enough good, you’ll be a good person."

And why, within recent months, are people commenting that she is the most dangerous woman alive today? The main reason, I believe, is because of the fact she is so powerful, many people take her at her word and believe anything and everything she says and supports is truth. I find her extremely dangerous and at the risk of sounding "religious", I feel Satan has a full grasp on her. He knows she's powerful and has found a great tool through her to reach millions of people.

She is also extremely dangerous because of her increased vocality with her views on religion lately. She openly states, "There is no way that there is only one way to God" even though the Bible clearly states the ONLY way to God is through His Son, Jesus Christ. (John 14:6 says, "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'")

Oprah is now promoting a New Age class that is offered through satellite that clearly speaks against what is taught in the Bible. What do we do with this information? First, and foremost, I think Oprah needs our prayers. She may have, in fact, at one time accepted Christ as her Savior - she often refers to her Baptist upbringing in her shows. (Although being a Baptist obviously doesn't make her a Christian.) She may have believed Biblical Truth in the past. However, as we all know, too much information can be too much information. I believe there is a difference between being "clear minded" and "open minded". Christians must be clear-minded and believe only truth that is spoken in the Bible. The Bible is truth and the ONLY inspired word of God. Oprah is on the other end of the spectrum and is clearly open-minded. We need to pray that God will reveal THE Truth to her and that she will recognize anything other than God's Truth is lies.

Secondly, we must get the word out that her "teaching" and belief system is not truth. She has been given so much information from "outside sources" that have clearly swayed her thinking. For instance, the infamous book that Oprah so strongly supports, The Secret, is not truth and should not be supported as truth. She seems to have come up with her own set of beliefs that sound good to her so they must be true.

Research and decide for yourself your views on Oprah and whether or not you would like to support her. I found the following articles and videos on-line. I don’t know how much "truth" there are to them, but I still found them interesting…








Liz said...

Great Message! I use to watch O everyday and your right, I think the woman is SO powerful (maybe the antichrist???)and we must beware of these people especially when they are not speaking the TRUTH but we can always PRAY! I think I stopped being interested in her shows when she started promoting Obama....I know a touchy subject but that is another serious issue we must start praying about, Our Country's Leader. Anyways, I LOVE her "Favorite Things" show and am looking forward to it this Friday,YAY!!!! Love ya Girl.

Megan said...

My pastor has also said some things about what Opreh is promoting. Interesting. Thanks for entering my contest. You have a ticket in the hat!

Anonymous said...

i personally admire many things about her. i take what i want and leave the rest. i do believe she is a christian (though i have no idea), flawed, imperfect and always needing the Savior, just like me. ; ) i also believe the books she promotes may not be the truth, but there are avenues in life that do teach us things about living, though i would never hold any word higher than God's word. i wonder how much we really do know about her, after all...we're not hanging out with her at home, what we are seeing is made for television, and i think we need to remember that aspect of her show as well, however small or large that aspect of her as a human being is...anyway, thanks for all the sites and thanks for reminding me to THINK...that's always important and sometimes i forget. love you! blessings!