Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can we have a cat?! PLEASE!!!

The girls want a pet so bad. They used to have a hermit crab until "M" forgot to give it water for about a week or possibly two. When she realized it died, she cried, "I did everything I could for that crab!" I was thinking, "Yeah, but it helps to give it water every now and then."

So now they want a cat. They have several friends that have cats so they think they need one, too. What they don't realize is that their daddy is anti-cat, actually make that anti-pet - mostly because he thinks he'll be the one that will have to take care of it.

A few nights ago, Steve went to check on the girls before he went to bed and they left us this cute note. The next day he told the girls if they show him for a LONG while that they can be responsible and keep their bedroom clean and do their chores, that he MIGHT consider letting them get a cat. "M" was so excited, she cleaned her bedroom spotless & even vacuumed it on her own! We'll see how long this keeps up!

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