Friday, June 18, 2010

Stone Canyon Summer Concert Series

We had the best time last night at a new event in our town called, The Stone Canyon Summer Concert Series. It's in a new neighborhood of the same name, Stone Canyon, is on a huge grassy area and overlooks a beautiful body of water. When the concert first started, the temperature was in the lower 90's so it was pretty hot when it first began, but it actually cooled off fairly quickly as the sun went down and there was a nice breeze going.

Raz-n-Kane was the featured band of the night and they were really good - and I'm not even a country music fan ;-) Lots of kids went up front to dance and even a few adults, too! Food and beverage vendors were there including our family's favorite snow cone vendor, IceCrystals - she makes the best shaved ice!

Dayspring Homes sponsored the event and gave away several country music CD's and an ipod! When they first started calling out names, they called my 10 year-old's name so we thought she won the ipod. Of course, so happy for her, I'm cheering and yelling for her as she runs up to the stage to claim her prize. She runs back with a Toby Keith CD. She was such a good sport and smiled graciously anyway. Ends up, a sweet friend of mine won the ipod. Later that night we were jokingly telling her our story about how the ipod "really" belonged to "M". A minute later she gave the ipod to her! We tried to refuse it and tell her we were just kidding but she persisted. She said they already had several ipods at home and didn't need it. That was so incredibly sweet of her and she sure made one big grin on two little girlz that night!

After the concert, we went to a friends house and cooked out smores. It was such a fun night and we look forward to the next concert - Remedy (rock/pop) followed by fireworks!

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