Monday, March 15, 2010


For about the past six months, I have been busy helping plan a fundraiser to raise money to build an orphanage and medical clinic in Lira, Uganda. The event is called "Kwero!" which is Ugandan for "party!" Several people have asked me how I got involved with this endeavor so I thought I'd share my story ;-)

Project Hope Worldwide is an Owasso, Oklahoma-based non-profit organization whose mission is to "invest, equip and provide hope to the poor, the oppressed, the widows and the orphans around the world."  Their current project is "Calo Me Lare", which means "Village of Redemption".  Calo Me Lare is located in northern Uganda where many Ugandan citizens have been affected by AIDS and many children are homeless orphans just trying to make it in the world. Project Hope Worldwide wants to help this unfortunate community by building an orphanage, a medical clinic and eventually a school within Calo Me Lare.

In order to take on a task this big, obviously large funds of money are required. So, the Board of Project Hope Worldwide thought it would be a great idea to plan a huge fundraiser and raise money for Calo Me Lare, but also raise awareness of the needs of Ugandan citizens. The Board asked a friend of mine, Amy Main, to head up the fundraiser then she thought of three more ladies to help join her on the Planning Committee.

This is where I came in. Amy approached me and filled me in on Project Hope Worldwide and Calo Me Lare. She told me her idea of hosting a local fundraiser and asked if I would help out by being the Media/Public Relations Chairperson. It didn't take much to convince me that this was a great cause and something I could help out with that was bigger than myself.

So, we got to work right away planning and advertising the event, making invitations, printing tickets, notifying the public, creating websites, sending out press releases, procuring auction items, etc. It has been a huge feat but something I have really enjoyed participating in. So as you can see, "my" part of the story is not really "my" part. The role I have played with Kwero is so minute, but when brought together with lots of volunteers and a few "surprise" donations, we can and will make a huge difference for those in need in a country clear across the other side of the world! So many people from within our local community have taken an interest in Kwero and I am constantly amazed at all the many ways they have volunteered their time and services!

The event is April 17, 2010, and we hope many people from the Tulsa area will come out for an exciting and fun evening - and all for a great cause! To find out more about Kwero, please check out our Kwero Blog or visit us on facebook here!

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