Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Casting Crowns in Concert

Steve and I recently saw Casting Crowns in concert at the Spirit Bank Center in Tulsa. It was our first time to go to a concert there since it opened last year and I was really impressed with it! We went early and parked RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Center in a PARKING GARAGE and the parking was FREE - unheard of!!!

Then we ate dinner with some great friends we hadn't seen in a while (see pic to the left). There were a ton of restaurants to choose from - all within WALKING DISTANCE from the Center - again unheard of in our parts! We ate at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill which looked like a trendy place you'd see in Scottsdale - not in Oklahoma - just sayin'. The food was DELICIOUS! We had great seats at the concert and we always enjoy hearing Casting Crowns when they come in town. All the band members are so multi-talented. Love to see them using their gifts for God! Here's a video of them singing "Voice of Truth" - one of my favorite songs...

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