Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on "A"

"A" is 7 now and in the first grade. "M" recently taught her how to crochet, which she loves to do in her spare time.

She's active in ballet, homeschool and church activities, and loves to have playdates with friends. She just began her 3rd season of soccer and is now playing for a team called SWAT (Soccer With Attitude). I have to say she's progressing each season and even scored her first goal this last game. We are very proud of her for trying so hard and for pushing herself to be a better player and teammate.
Check out those socks :-)
So we goof off a little during the game - it's all about having fun, right?!

Although "A" is very much a girly girl, she loooves to play in the mud and get dirty! Here's a few recent pics of her playing in the dirt with her cousin, Riley...

Notice "M" in the background without a single speck of dirt on her? :-)
And here she is playing in our ditch during a recent rain. She had so much fun!

I just love "A's" free spirit, imagination and creativity. She keeps me smiling :-)

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kellyl said...

My goodness A has grown up since I saw her last. She is changing in looks.