Saturday, July 11, 2009

Freckles Frozen Custard in Owasso Has New Owners!

The youth pastor from Freedom Church, along with his wife, recently became the new owners of Freckles Frozen Custard in Owasso. They have really fixed up the place nice and are ready for business! This is a great opportunity to serve the Owasso community and to provide a fun place for youth to hang out! When you go, be sure to check out the pics on the photo wall (taken by my friend, Leslie!) - you may see some familiar local faces! :-)


Leslie said...

I love how it turned out! They have ordered a new menu board that will go in that big black space on the right (under the long picture)...and we have a couple more pics to put up there soon too. I'm glad the girls got to be up there :)

Debbie said...

Thanks, Christy. You are so sweet!

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

Oh yummmmmm I love that place and it loves me! I sometimes have that for lunch. I can eat it and be finished by the time I get to my house, no evidence.